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New Librarian Toolkit : Library Director Roles & Responsibilities

This guide was designed to bring together resources library staff new to Alaska need to successfully accomplish their work.

Major Duties & Responsibilites

Duties and responsibilities of the Library Director

  • Recruit, hire and annually evaluate library staff based upon well-defined job descriptions and expectations. Suggest improvements needed in salaries, working conditions and personnel policy.
  • Carry out the policies of the library as adopted by the board. Recommend policies to library board.
  • Suggest and carry out plans for library services. Manage day-to-day operation of library. Design library services to meet community needs/interests. Report library's progress and future needs to the board.
  • Prepare and submit to library board a budget request based on present and anticipated needs. Maintain complete and accurate records of finances. Expend funds based on approved budget.
  • Advocate for library through contacts with general public, civic organizations and public officials. Attend city council and/or borough meetings. Work to secure adequate funds to carry out the library's services.
  • Be familiar with library ordinance and keep board informed on laws affecting library.
  • Participate in continuing education activities and professional organizations; encourage continuing education for library staff. Participate in orientation of new trustees.
  • Communicate with the library board.
  • Select and order all books and other library materials and resources.
  • Attend board meetings; prepared written progress report; provide information as needed/requested by board.
  • Assist in developing qualifications for new trustees.

COSLA Public Library Trustee Manual, pg. 47