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Emerging Technologies: Home

A guide to technologies that are appearing in professional literature and professional blogs that may be of current or future use in libraries, archives or museums in Alaska.

Introduction and Table of Contents

The purpose of this guide is to serve as an introduction to technologies that are generating a buzz in libraries, archives or museums. Some of this tech is already in use or right around the corner. Some of it may not be practical in Alaska in the near future, but we'd like you to know about it.

So far we have gathered information on:


  • Virtual Reality - Exploring and creating virtual worlds
  • 3D Printers - Make objects and more from digital models.
  • Augmented Reality - Show additional information to your visitors via their mobile devices. Can have staff applications like shelf reading.
  • Maker Technology - Makerspace information compiled by Julie Niederhauser

The presence of a technology on this list does not mean it is in use within Alaska. It only means that we're keeping an eye on it. To see examples of technology other libraries are looking at, have a look at Grand Valley State University's (MI) Technology Showcase.


Is there something you think might be useful to a library, archives or museum in the next five years? Let us know by using the "submit" link in the "Have Something New?" box to your left.


Not every technology is going to be for every institution. Don't be afraid of not adopting things that just don't make sense to your audience. We hope this guide will give you enough information to embrace those things that do make sense to your audience.