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Alaska State Library Internship Project

About the Project

The Alaska State Library Internship Project will bring one intern who has recently completed, or is near completing, their Master's degree in Library or Information Science to work in an Alaskan public library for two months in the summer of 2022.

The goal is to provide assistance to a public library in Alaska that lacks staff expertise to sustain a long-term project that will benefit their library and community. The project also provides an internship and professional development opportunity for an MLIS student and potentially leads to an increase in the number of MLIS students applying for jobs in Alaska.

Alaska State Library staff will:

  • Evaluate and select projects proposed by the twenty largest public libraries 
  • Solicit and select interns who have completed or are near completion of their Master's degree
  • Provide funds for intern travel costs and a weekly stipend 
  • Serve as the primary supervisor of interns during their assignments

Selected public libraries will:

  • Design a meaningful and feasible project in which the intern will use his/her professional training to reach project outcomes
  • Provide any necessary supplies or equipment for the project
  • Provide housing for the intern for eight weeks
  • Cooperate with the State Library's Public Library Coordinator on training, supervising and evaluating the intern
  • Be willing to assist the Public Library Coordinator in evaluating the internship pilot project as a whole