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Alaska Online With Libraries (OWL) Program

Guide for Libraries Joining OWL Zoom

OWL Admin

Phone: 907-450-8300 OPT 1, ask for OWL



  • I already use Zoom. Why would I want to use the OWL Zoom network?
    • We have many more features than a free Zoom account. We offer cloud recording, webinar, large webinar (500 connections), large meeting (500 connections), automatic transcription, toll-free dialing, endpoint connections, and live tech support directly from the OWL Admin.
  • What training and help is provided? 
    • The OWL Admin will provide training as well as technical support for Zoom accounts and video conference equipment. 
  • How do I get an OWL Zoom account? 
    • Contact the OWL Admin to sign up for the required training. Please use your direct library email address and not your personal email. This is a Zoom account for your entire library and not an individual. The OWL Admin will create your library's account and you will be given access to it with the appropriate licensing. You may also request an account using this form.
  • Is there a recording of the required training? I learn better on my own.
    • Yes, there is a group training recording that can be viewed upon request. Additionally, Zoom offers articles and video tutorials that you can find with a keyword search on your topic here. There is also a set of video trainings available here that will cover the basics.
  • Why can't I use my own email account? 
    • We want to avoid interruptions with accounts due to staff turnover and other issues. If your email for your library is part of a domain or associated with another Zoom account, contact the OWL Admin to continue. 


  • How can I use the OWL Zoom account? 
    • Use your OWL Zoom account like you would use a public library meeting room. See below for additional guidelines.
  • Can I host a religious or political event?
    • You can host political or religious events over OWL Zoom. However, libraries cannot charge for entry into the event, sales of merchandising for political candidates, or gathering donations of any kind for politicians. The library cannot favor any religion or political party. Your meeting room policy should guide your OWL Zoom account decisions.
  • Can I charge for an event or class? 
    • You cannot charge for OWL Zoom meetings If your internet is supported with E-rate funding. 
    • You can charge for class content to cover the speaker fees and materials. OWL will not collect fees on behalf of individual libraries. 
  • Can OWL publicize my programs to a statewide audience?
    • Yes, contact the OWL Admin for access to the OWL calendar.


  • Can I use my VTC equipment / endpoint / codec? 
    • Yes, you can use your video conferencing hardware with your Zoom meetings. There are two ways to do this: The first is to change network and firewall rules to allow the ‘phone book’ style of the contact list to be dialed. The second method, which is easiest, is to direct dial from your endpoint into the conference which requires almost no changes of any kind. This is another special feature that is available with OWL Zoom accounts. 
  • How do I dial directly? 
    • Dial your meeting ID + from your video conferencing equipment. All OWL video conferencing equipment can do this. If you run into a problem, contact the OWL Admin. 
    • Example: and more information found here. If you would like a demo training of this, the OWL Admin can walk you through the process. 
  • What do I do if my VTC equipment / endpoint / codec isn't working? 
    • Contact the OWL Admin with details about the issue and they will help to get your equipment up and running. 
  • What hardware or devices can I use with Zoom? 
    • Computer, mobile, browser, software, and hardware requirements are available here
    • Zoom can also be used with your OWL video conferencing equipment.