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Alaska Online With Libraries (OWL) Program

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The Alaska State Library has purchased a statewide subscription for WhoFi wireless usage counter software. 

This edition of WhoFi is designed especially for libraries to provide them with the wireless session count required on the Public Libraries Survey and it anonymizes network data to protect patron privacy. WhoFi's easy-to-read reports and charts assist directors in communicating the library’s community impact and in making data-driven decisions regarding library services.

WhoFi is more than just WiFi Analytics

These additional features are available to all Alaska State Library WhoFi Users.

Community Calendar

You run programs and events at your space to keep your members connected.  Your members or staff also run programs and events at your center.  Big or small, there’s probably an event or a meetup happening in your building soon.

The Community Calendar was built to help keep patrons aware of what events are happening in your space while simplifying the management and record keeping you need for your boards and your sanity. 

Meeting Rooms

Many community spaces offer meeting rooms or study rooms available to members.  This is a wonderful benefit to the community!  But managing which person or group has which room scheduled, and whether it was paid, or yet to be paid, can be a hassle.  And when a mix up occurs, watch out!  Tempers can flare when two groups have been promised the same room at the same time.  

Meeting Rooms from WhoFi simplifies the registration, reminder, and management of study rooms at your space.  And best of all, it integrates directly with Community Calendar.  As your events take up rooms in your space, they become unavailable for patrons to book!

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Other States using WhoFi

Before getting a statewide contract for WhoFi, we looked at what other states are doing for wifi sessions statistics.

We found three other state libraries that have engaged with WhoFi and appear satisfied with how things are going so far: