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Alaska Online With Libraries (OWL) Program


On this page you'll find science based programs that were recorded and presented by various institutions to libraries and/or specialized audiences. Some of them were done as series and those programs are grouped together.

Place-Based Education from Alaska Department of Fish and Game

A set of talks from 2019 aimed at teachers to enable them to use the resources of Alaska's State Refuges. Due to technical glitches, Section 4 was not recorded.

Science from the Alaska Cooperative Extension Service

The Alaska Cooperative Extension service used the OWL Videoconference network a number of times during the early 2010s. The science talks that were given over the network and recorded are listed here. Their also did programs focused on living daily life. Those programs and a few from other agencies can be found in our Daily Living videos. 

Tuzzy Talks by Prof. Nancy E. Kinner

Dr. Nancy E. Kinner of the University of New Hampshire links up with libraries in Barrow Alaska and elsewhere to explain the basic properties of crude oil. Plain English with lots of charts and tables. Talks were arranged by the Tuzzy Consortium Library in Utqiaġvik and recorded in the Spring of 2013.

Other Science Talks