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Professional Development Resources for Public Librarians

This resource guide was designed to provide public librarians with access to continuing education and professional development resources.

FREE Training Programs


Locate grant and scholarship money for continuing education training.

Library Associations

Join local, regional or national library associations and participate in the professional workshop opportunities that take place during their annual conferences. 

Library Jobs

Library Consultants

Online Self-Paced Tutorials

Take advantage of the many self-paced learning opportunities that exist online. 

Webcasts & Archived Webinars


Blogs are sources of continual learning. Find a few blogs that interest you and make time each week to read a few posts and share your comments wtih the authors. 

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Professional Literature


Friday Bulletin

The Friday Bulletin is the electronic newsletter of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums. Its purpose is to provide information on items of interest to archives, libraries and museums within the State of Alaska. It is also intended to provide Alaskan archives, libraries and museums with a window into the activities of their sister disciplines.