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Alaska State Publications: Website Snapshots

Alaska State Government Website Snapshots

In website archives, you will find archived press releases and speeches from the Governor, State agency publications, video clips, audio files and much more.  Use the search box and links below to search for or browse the web archives.

Web archiving is an inexact mechanism of harvesting and preserving State publications.   Because we crawl websites usually several times per year at most, our collection of archived websites presents only snapshots in time.  Also, the "crawler" used to identify and harvest publications will often miss publications available through dynamic web pages and databases.  In addition, more recently, as State Government produces more and more web content, we are unable to budget for harvest and preservation of all Alaska State Government web content. Please contact us if you are unable to find or access a State agency page or publication in our web archives.

Search Web Archives

Archive it will find archived pages with all of the search terms that you enter.  To find pages containing only an exact phrase, use quotation marks around the phrase.  For example, if you enter coronavirus vaccine you will retrieve pages containing both of those terms anywhere on the page.  Entering "Coronavirus vaccine" will retrieve pages containing only that exact phrase.  For more information on searching Archive-It, use the link above.

Browse Web Archives

You can browse archived websites using many of the links below.  But some archived websites may only be available through a search, so if you don't find what you need through browsing, try a full text search.

Take a trip to the Web Archives

COVID-19 guidance archived website screenshot