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Governor's Advisory Council on Libraries


The purpose of the Governor's Advisory Council on Libraries is to improve and coordinate library services for all citizens of the state, by advising the Governor, State Board of Education, and the State Library. The Council shall endeavor to:

  1. Serve as a vehicle for identifying and promoting public needs and interest.
    1. Work with communities and groups to determine that library needs are met.
    2. Inform citizens and government officials of significant issues relating to library services.
  2. Act as a liaison and forum for communication among:
    1. State and National Government
    2. Local Communities
    3. The State Library
    4. Other public agencies, organizations and institutions
    5. Library professionals, AkLA, ALN, PNLA, OCLC, AkASL, special, public, academic, and school libraries
    6. Library users
    7. The general public
  3. Provide statewide direction for library functions, operations and services.
    1. Assist in formulating a state plan through:
      1. analyzing the environment
      2. defining a mission statement
      3. setting goals
      4. developing action steps to achieve objectives
      5. reviewing and revising the plan on a periodic basis
    2. Monitor progress and critically review implementation of the state plan.
    3. Evaluate effectiveness of the state plan through an on-going analysis.
    4. Review and revise the LSTA State Plan every five years.
  4. Promote public dialogue to insure:
    1. Increased effectiveness of the state's libraries.
    2. Coherent organization and balanced utilization of all available resources, personnel, facilities, materials and services.
    3. Harmonious relationships, mutual support and cooperation throughout the system including:
      1. resource sharing
      2. networking
      3. accountability at all levels
      4. prudent use of public funds
      5. libraries operated in the best interest of the public
  5. Strive to promote and perpetuate a strong state program of planned growth and improvement of library services and resources.
    1. Address developments in modern technology.
    2. Meet the needs of special user groups, such as the disadvantaged, the elderly, the disabled and speakers of English as a second language.
    3. Encourage the development of policies, guidelines and procedures which reflect the nature and needs of local communities.
    4. Facilitate the flow of and access to information relating to libraries in Alaska.
    5. Develop and endorse statewide library standards.
    6. Avoid conflicts of interest both in practice and perception.
    7. Promote understanding of libraries as the primary public information agencies in the state.
  6. Focus interest and support for local, regional, and state libraries.
    1. Develop public relations activities to inform the public about library services.
    2. Encourage increased awareness of library services in civic leaders, government officials, and the general public.
    3. Promote greater public understanding of library budgets, services, materials, facilities and staff tasks and responsibilities.

Document history:

  1. Adopted 03/1988
  2. Revised 03/1989
  3. Amended 02/2008