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New School Librarian Toolkit: Home

Resources for School Librarians new to the job, new to Alaska, or new to both.

Welcome to Alaska

Are you a school librarian who's new to Alaska? An Alaskan who's new to school librarianship? The Alaska State Library wants to put you in touch with the resources you need to best serve the students and teachers of Alaska.

Advice to New Librarians

Library Development

Developing strong vibrant libraries in Alaska!

Library Development provides leadership, assistance and expertise to Alaska’s libraries, in support of a cooperative network of strong and vibrant libraries that serve Alaskans’ educational and cultural needs. (Revised November 2013)

SLED Databases

The Statewide Library Electronic Doorway (SLED) was designed to support Alaskan's right to information. SLED provides easy subject access and links to various commercial databases, statewide services, and stable, high-quality Web pages about Alaska and for Alaskans.  Anyone with an Alaska based Internet Service Provider (ISP) should be automatically logged into the SLED Databases.

If you have an Alaska based ISP but get a password screen, please fill out this form.  

Joint-Library Catalog Resource Examples

If you are in a community in the joint-library catalog, place a hold on an item and pick it up at the most convenient public or university library location. If you are in a community that is not part of the joint-library catalog and want an item (that is not in Alaska Digital Library), you can submit an interlibrary loan request. If you are living in a remote rural location without a public library, you may request materials from Alaska Mail Services.

Library Associations

A statewide membership organization that offers a conference, a listserve, a newsletter, a library directory and opportunities to network with your Alaskan peers.

Services for Alaskans with Disabilities