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Alaska School Broadband Assistance Grants: Home


Helping students by helping schools reach 100 Mbps

The Alaska School Broadband Assistance Grant (BAG) program was created to assist schools to increase internet download speeds. Originally established in 2014 by the Alaska State Legislature, this grant originally allowed schools to reach download speeds of 10 Mbps. In 2020, the State Legislature revised the statute to help schools reach 25 Mbps download speeds. In 2024, the State Legislature revised the statute to help schools reach 100 Mbps download speeds.

  • $6.7M
    awarded in FY2023

  • 27 
    districts received awards

  • 151
     schools reached 25 Mbps

Impact on Alaska's School Libraries

Access to the additional bandwidth provided by the School BAG Grant has allowed our staff and students to engage in online educational opportunities in a way that was not previously possible. Additionally, without the bandwidth provided by the School BAG grant, online student testing, including PEAKS, would probably not be feasible.

Les Parks, Southwest Region School District

The School Broadband Assistance Grant, together with the Online with Libraries and E-Rate subsidy, has enabled our school district/public library consortium to maintain a 20 Mbps/7 Mbps shared connection. Without the BAG, our students' access to the learning opportunities delivered via broadband internet would be severely limited.

John Conwell, Unalaska City School District

I would like to express my appreciation for the support YKSD has received through the Broadband Assistance Grant Program. YKSD has improved its broadband capacity considerably, all schools to 10 megabits has enabled our district to provide meaningful professional development and additional educational opportunities through the increased access connectivity. Leveraging BAG with the E-rate program has been one of the most valuable programs for YKSD. Thank you.

Jenny Martens, YKSD

FY2023 Funds Awarded to School Districts @ 25 Mbps

School District

FY2023 Awards

Alaska Gateway   $47,805
Aleutian Region     $73,006
Aleutians East   $124,830
Bering Strait   $746,961
Bristol Bay     $91,678
Chatham     $32,391
Chugach     $62,893
Dillingham     $80,352
Galena   $165,216
Iditarod     $53,816
Kashunamiut     $41,208
Kenai Peninsula     $22,853
Kodiak Island    $644,680
Kuspuk    $368,490
Lake and Peninsula    $138,996
Lower Kuskokwim $1,907,892
North Slope    $322,128
Northwest Arctic    $187,385
Pribilof      $49,313
Saint Mary's    $118,065
Southeast Island    $219,492
Southwest Region    $91,485
Unalaska    $148,557
Yakutat      $21,420
Yukon Flats      $109,000
Yukon-Koyukuk    $779,106
Yupiit      $39,209
Total $6,688,227