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Historic Gasline Bibliography

Bibliography for the Historic Gasline.

This is a tool to sort out the Alaska Prudhoe Bay natural gas pipeline proposals, and to allow quick elimination of non-related proposals from the research project. It does not purport to be complete.

Alaska North Slope LNG Project

  • Sponsors: BP Exploration Alaska, Phillips Petroleum Co., Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd., Marubeni Corp.
  • a LNG export project
  • Looked at hooking into the Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline to take off gas, then deliver it to their tidewater LNG plant at Nikiski or Anderson Bay via a gas pipeline line alongside the oil pipeline.
  • Later to planned to convert natural gas to gas liquids and transport it through the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline. Possible market would be Asia and Mexico.
  • began effort in October 1998

Alcan Pipeline Proposal

Name changed To Northwest Alaskan Pipeline, also called Alaska Highway Pipeline

  • ANGTS Proposal
  • Gas pipeline route Selected by the President and Canada to deliver gas from the North Slope to the U.S.. It followed TAPS pipeline to Fairbanks, then the Alaska Highway to connect with pipelines in Canada.
  • 1976-present

The All-Alaska Gas Pipeline

  • Sponsors: Alaska Gasline Port Authority, Yukon Pacific Co.?
  • Buried gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to tidewater at Valdez, or Nikiski running parallel to the TAPS
  • Gas conditioning plant at North Slope to remove impurities, compress and chill gas. At Valdez gas is fractioned into its various components, then converted into LNG and liquid petroleum gases for shipping. The plan included a spur line from Glenallen to connect with the existing South Central natural gas grid and provide gas to South-Central Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula
  • from 2006 flier

All Alaska Route

  • other name for the Trans-Alaska Gas System TAGS
  • also used for the El Paso Proposal

ArctiGas Proposal

  • Sponsors: Arctic Resources Company (ARC) and ArctiGas Resources Ltd.
  • Partnership taking a pipeline over-the-top. They announced that they would turn the finished pipeline over to Alaska municipalities (for the Alaska Segment) and Canadian First Nation groups ( for the Canadian pipeline segment.)

Cook Inlet LNG Project

  • not North Slope Gas

Dempster Lateral

Also called Dempster Line

  • Sponsor: Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd.
  • Proposed pipeline to deliver Mackenzie Delta gas to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, and connect with the Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline (ANGTS.) This was a requirement of Canada's National Energy Board for the ANGTS project.
  • 1977

Enstar Proposal

  • not North Slope
  • pipeline from the Cook Inlet Beluga field to Fairbanks.

Foothills Pipeline

  • part of ANGTS
  • Alaska border to Whitehorse, connect in the Dempster Line there, divide at St. James River.

El Paso Pipeline Proposal

  • competitor for ANGTS approval
  • Proposal to deliver gas from the North Slope to tidewater by pipeline, then convert to LNG and ship to Western US markets.

Gas to Liquids (GTL) Project

  • Sponsor: BP
  • Convert natural gas to Natural Gas liquids (NGL) which would then be transported through the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline

Mackenzie Delta Stand-Alone proposal

  • Consortium of Canadian Natural gas owners: Imperial Oil, ExxonMobil, Shell and Conoco.
  • transport Mackenzie Delta gas south along the Mackenzie River Valley to existing pipelines in Alberta.

Maple Leaf Project

  • Sponsors: Alberta Gas Trunkline, Westcoast Transmission Co., Foothills Pipeline Ltd.
  • Proposal to build a 42" low pressure pipeline to deliver Mackenzie Delta gas to Alberta.
  • Proposal was filed spring of 1975.

North American Natural Gas Pipeline group

Commonly called the Producers Pipeline Group.

  • Sponsors: ExxonMobil, BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. , Phillips Alaska Inc.
  • evaluated 2 routes: the Alaska Highway Route (the Southern Route), and the Over-the-Top Route (the Northern Route.) The over-the-top route considered either a near shore, or offshore pipeline buried under the Beaufort Sea. The over-the-top pipeline would hopefully link to the Mackenzie Delta Stand-Alone.

Northern Gas Pipeline Project (NGPP)

  • Sponsors: ArctiGas Resources Corp.
  • an over-the-top pipeline proposal

Over-the-top pipeline proposal

This was the name of two proposals under consideration in 2000.

  • The North American Natural Gas Pipeline group proposed either offshore or nearshore buried pipeline through the Beaufort Sea to the Mackenzie Delta.
  • Arctic Resources Company (ARC) and ArctiGas Resources Ltd. Partnership proposed taking a pipeline over-the-top. they announced that they would turn the finished pipeline in the hands of Alaska municipalities (for the Alaska Segment) and Canadian First Nation groups ( for the Canadian pipeline segment.) ARC argued that this would make the project exempt from corporate income taxes in both countries, thus lowering operating costs.

Polar Gas Project

  • not Alaskan.
  • Gas pipeline proposal from Arctic Island to Ontario.

Q & M Pipeline

  • not Alaskan.

South Alaska LNG project

  • not North Slope gas
  • Cook Inlet gas project that was evaluated heard at the same time as the ANGTS proposals. The California receiving terminal hearings were combined with the LNG terminal hearings for their receiving terminal in 74 & 75. Pacific Alaska LNG Associates was involved with this.

Trans-Alaska Gas System (TAGS); Trans-Alaska Gas Line; Trans-Alaska Gas Project; All-Alaska Route

  • Sponsors: Yukon Pacific Corporation (subsidiary of CSX Corp)
  • 42" pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Anderson Bay, Port Valdez. Includes a liquefaction plant and marine terminal complex at Anderson Bay and LNG tankers to deliver gas to Asian markets. They planned to use a gas conditioning plant at the north slope.
  • 1983-1997?

Western LNG Project

  • not North Slope
  • Sponsors: Pacific Lighting Corp., Pacific Alaska LNG Co., Pacific Marine Co., Western LNG Terminal Co., Pacific Gas and Electric Co., Alaska California LNG Co., Pacific Gas Marine Co., Pacific Gas LNG Terminal Co.
  • Planned to build terminals in California to receive LNG from Alaska.
  • 1979-1981

Y Line Route

  • Sponsor: Alaska Gasline Port Authority
  • Construct pipeline along Alaska Highway to mid-North America, with a spur line to Valdez where gas would be converted to LNG and shipped to Asia, Western U.S. and Mexico.