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Historic Gasline Bibliography

Bibliography for the Historic Gasline.

Betty Galbraith is a Science Librarian with the Washington State University Libraries. She worked for the State of Alaska Office of the Pipeline Coordinator as Librarian and Research Analyst when the Pipeline Coordinator for the ANGTS gas pipeline was in Fairbanks, and also worked with the Federal Inspector's Office during the ANGTS review. She has continued to follow developments related to the gas pipeline.

These documents are an effort to document the history of efforts to build a natural gas pipeline from Alaska's North Slope. Ms. Galbraith included any pipeline proposal to bring North Slope Gas to market that she could find, beginning with the 1959 Gubik pipeline proposal and is currently working to ensure the bibliography is brought up to date with new materials.

Ms. Galbraith undertook this as her sabbatical project so that companies and state agencies involved with new pipeline proposals could see what work had been done before, and all the steps that were involved in the many pipeline proposal processes. This draft contains mostly Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (ANGTS) pipeline information. Future drafts will provide more information on the proposals since then. It is planned to regularly update the documents.

Betty Galbraith