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Historic Gasline Bibliography

Bibliography for the Historic Gasline.
Acronyms in use during Alaska natural gas transportation system (ANGTS) proposals
AAC Alaska Administrative Code
AADT Annual Average Daily Traffic (count) AAGPC
AAGSG Alaskan Arctic Gas Study Group
The Alaskan Company involved in one of the pipeline proposals that was not selected. (From Prudhoe Bay, across the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, through the Mackenzie Valley and south to U. S. markets.)
AAO Agency Authorized Officer
AAP Affirmative Action Plan
AC Office of Cost Analysis & Audit (OFI term) ACC
ACI Alaska Consultants, Inc.
ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation ACMA
ACMP Alaska Coastal Management Program
ADCRA Alaska Dept. of Community and Regional Affairs(State) ADEC
ADGC Alaska Dept. of Governmental Coordination ADL
ADL Alaska Department of Labor
ADNR Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
The Alaska department concerned with gas and oil pipelines through the State.
ADOL Alaska Dept. of Labor (State)
ADOT/PF Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT/PF)
AEIDC Alaska Environmental Information & Data Center AEWC
AFN Alaska Federation of Natives AGCF
AKLFO Alaska Leg Field Office (OFI term) AMSA
ANCSA Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
ANGTA Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act
U.S. Law which outlined a procedure for selection of a pipeline route for ANGTS
ANNGTC Alaska Northwest Natural Gas Transportation Company
A consortium of companies whose objective was to build the Alaska segment of the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System. Northwest Alaskan Pipeline Company was their operating member.
ANGTS Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System
The entire gas pipeline project from Prudhoe Bay to California and the midwest U. S.
ANILCA Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act ANS
ANWR Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
AO Authorized Officer (BLM)
AOGCC Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (State) API
APSC Alyeska Pipeline Service Company ARCO
ARPA Archeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 AS
ASRC Arctic Slope Regional Corp. ATP
ATV all-terrain vehicle
bb barrels
bcfd billion cubic feet per day
BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. BLM
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics
nwpd barrels of water per day
CAA Clean Air Act
CAGPL Canadian Arctic Gas Pipeline Ltd. (FPC term) CAGSL
The Canadian company involved in one of the pipeline proposals which was not selected.
CAH central arctic (caribou) herd
CCE Certification Cost Estimate
CCSE Certification Cost & Schedule Estimate
CEAC Citizen Environmental Advisory Committee CEQ
A council reporting to the U.S. President on the legal and factual sufficiency of the impact statements presented on the gas pipeline project.
CFR code of federal regulations
CIP capital improvement project
CK creek
CMP Coastal Management Program
COE Corps of Engineers, U. S.
CPF central production facility
CRETC Cold Regions Engineering Technical Committee CRREL
CWA Clean Water Act
CZM Coastal Zone Management CZMA
DEC Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (also ADEC) DEIS
DNR Alaska Department of Natural Resources (also ADNR)
The Alaska department concerned with gas and oil pipelines through the State
DFA Deputy Federal Inspector, Alaska (OFI term)
DFI Deputy Federal Inspector, Washington (OFI term)
DFLW Division of Forest, Land, & Water Management, Alaska DOC
DOD Department of Defense, U.S.
DOE Department of Energy, U. S.
DOJ Department of Justice, U.S.
DOI Department of Interior, U.S.
DOL Department of Labor, Alaska (ADOL)
DOT/PF Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT/PF) DPDP
DWM Division of Wildlife Management (North Slope Brough) EA
EARP Environmental Assessment Review Panel
A committee of Canada's Department of Fisheries and Environment set up to assess the environmental impact of the gas pipeline across Canada.
EC Office of Engineering (OFI term)
EE Office of Equal Employment Opportunity/Minority Business Opportunity (OFI term)
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EEO/MBE Equal Employment Opportunity/Minority Business Enterprise (SPCO term)
EIA Energy Information Administration, U.S. EIS
EL Eastern Leg (OFI term)
EO executive order
EPA Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. EPAL
EPB Executive Policy Board, U.S.
A board with members from eight (8) Federal agencies set up to advise the Federal Inspector.
EPNG El Paso Natural Gas Company
The company which filed to construct the all-Alaska pipeline route which was not selected.
ER Office of Environmental Review (OFI term) ERA
Branch of U. S. Department of Energy
F&G Department of Fish and Game, Alaska (ADF&G) F&WS
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FBE Female Business Enterprise
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCC Federal Communications Commission FEA
An independent five (5) member commission within the U.S. Department of Energy which sets rates for gas and transportation of gas through pipelines. The companies must get a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity from this agency before they can begin construction of the pipeline. Before they can get the Certificate, they must prove their capability of constructing a safe well- designed pipeline and of getting the financing to do so.
FI Federal Inspector
FIMIS Federal Inspector's Management Information System
Fluor Major subcontractor to Northwest Alaskan Pipeline Company FNSB
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FPC Federal Power Commission
Predecessor of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FPL Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd.
A company building a section of the Canadian leg of the gas pipeline
FWS Fish & Wildlife Service, U.S. (F&WS) GAO
GATS Government Authority Tracking System
A computer system shared by NWA, OFI, and SPCO to track permits and government authorizations.
GC Office of General Counsel
GAO General Accounting Office, U.S. GMU
HCRS Heritage Conservation & Recreation Service
IAND Department of Indian Affairs & Northern Development, Canada ICS
ITAA Interstate Transmission Associates (Arctic) (FPC term) IMIS
IROR Incentive Rate of Return
A formula devised by the U.S. government to set allowable return for the pipeline company and to act as an artificial competition to keep project costs down.
IRS Internal Revenue Service, U.S.
ISER Institute of Social & Economic Research, University of Alaska. A research institute providing many of the social and economic reports on the Alaska gas pipeline project and Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline project.
JFWAT Joint Fish & Wildlife Advisory Team JGPC
JPO Joint Pipeline Office
LGL LGL Ecological Research Associates Inc. LNG
LOA letter of authority
MBE Minority Business Enterprise
MLA Mineral Leasing Act
MLUP Miscellaneous Land Use Permit MMAP
MOU Memorandum of Understanding NAPCO Northwest Alaskan Pipeline Co. NAPLINE Northwest Alaskan Pipeline Co.
NARS National Archives & Record Service, U.S.
NASA National Aeronautics & Space Administration, U.S.
NBPL Northern Border Pipe Line
NEB National Energy Board
Canadian Federal agency that regulates oil and gas industries.
NEPA National Environmental Protection Act NGPA
NHPA National Historic Preservation Act
NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration No. B. PL
NOW Northwest Alaska Co. (FPC term)
NPA Northern Pipeline Agency
The Canadian Federal agency set up to oversee planning for and construction of the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline System sections in Canada.
NPR-A National Petroleum Reserve -Alaska NPS
NSB North Slope Borough
NTP Notice to Proceed
NWA Northwest Alaskan Pipeline Company
The company proposing to build the Alaska segment of the gas pipeline. Operating member of Alaskan Natural Gas Transportation Company (formerly known as Alcan Pipeline Company).
OA Office of Administration, OFI
OAC Contracts Management Division (OFI term) OAP
OAS Office of Aircraft Services, U.S.
OAS Support Services Division, OFI
OFI Office of the Federal Inspector, U.S.
An independent office set up to coordinate all the U.S. government permits and applications for the pipeline project. This office had enforcement authority of all U.S. agencies with jurisdiction over any aspects of the pipeline.
OMB Office of Management & Budget OPM
PC Office of Permits & Compliance PG & E
PGT Pacific Gas Transmission Co. (FPC term) PITCO
PSI Planning Systems International
PSI Pounds Per Square Inch
PST Pipeline Surveillance Team
RFP Request for Proposal
ROW Right of Way over lands
SAC Systems Development Corporation, Unified Industries, Inc. SES
SHPO State Historic Preservation Office SLOP
SOCAL Southern California Gas Co. (FPC term) SOW
SPCO State Pipeline Coordinator Office
A division of the Department of Natural Resources of the State of Alaska. Its role is to act as the one window between the pipeline company, U. S. federal government, local governments, and State agencies on all matters affecting the pipeline.
TAGS Trans-Alaska Gas System
proposed 3" pipeline to Kenai Alaska primarily for LNG sales to Pacific rim markets
TAPS Trans-Alaska Pipeline System
The oil pipeline constructed across Alaska by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company.
tcf trillion cubic feet
tcfg trillion cubic feet of gas
TUPS Temporary Use Permits
U of A University of Alaska
UAA University of Alaska Anchorage
UAF University of Alaska Fairbanks UDSL
A computer program to track NCR's & RCA's
UII/SDC Unified Industries, Inc./Systems Development Corporation USCG
USDA U. S. Department of Agriculture USDOC
USGS U. S. Geological Survey
WAH Western Arctic Herd (caribou) WL