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Historic Gasline Bibliography

Bibliography for the Historic Gasline.

This bibliography by Betty Galbraith focuses on the Alaska portion of the many proposals to deliver North Slope natural gas to market. The chronology contains events outside of Alaska when they had influence on the potential construction of the Alaska leg. This bibliography "Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Proposals to Deliver Gas from the North Slope of Alaska to Market" contains research reports from the Canadian portions of the pipeline proposals when they are useful for future pipeline development.

The Alaska State Library is pleased to host this extensive finding aid and chronology about Alaska's efforts to bring North Slope Natural Gas to market. Any questions or concerns with the content of these documents should be directed to Ms. Galbraith at If you wish to obtain a copy of a particular report, please contact the Alaska State Library at if you live in Juneau. If you live outside of Juneau, please contact your local library and request an interlibrary loan.

Chronology of Pipeline Related Events

Chronology of Pipeline Related Events, includes events that affected the viability, public opinion, and political realities of each proposal.